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Using Schluter Trim Profiles with Subway Tile


Schluter trim profiles have been a growing trend in the tile industry as alternatives to traditional bullnose pieces. These pieces have been popular in Europe for some time, but they have recently started to come into style in the United states as well. This blog post will help explain what Schluter trim profiles are, where they can be used, and what the benefits are for using them on your next tile project!

5th Avenue Turquoise Subway Tile With Schluter Jolly
Schluter Jolly Profile Trim and 5th Avenue 4″ x 16″ Turquoise subway tile

Schluter profile pieces were developed in 1975 by a German tile setter named Werner Schlüter who was tired of being called to replace damaged tiles along exposed thresholds. Hoping to develop a more permanent solution than simply replacing damaged tiles, Mr. Schlüter worked with a local metal worker to develop an L shaped profile to protect the exposed tile edges. The result was a sleek looking edge at the perimeter of every tile installation, and tile that lasted much longer.

5th Avenue Turquoise Subway Tile With Schluter Jolly
Polished Chrome Schluter Jolly and 5th Avenue 4″ x 16″ Turquoise subway tile

Though modern Schluter trim profiles are much more advanced, the basic concept remains the same. The anchor leg is embedded directly into the thinset mortar, and the profile body provides an edge that gives the installation a clean look while providing much needed protection.

5th Avenue Turquoise Subway Tile With Schluter Jolly
The anchoring leg of the Schluter Jolly profile

In the United States, surface bullnose or ceramic trim has become the standard way of finishing edges of many tile installations. This practice is very rare in Europe however, and with much of the ceramic tile used in the United States being imported from Europe, many of these tile lines do not feature accompanying bullnose. Because of this, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find bullnose that perfectly matches these European ceramic tile lines.

Schluter profile trim pieces help solve this problem by not only saving you the hassle of trying to find matching bullnose, but by providing a series of styles and finishes that can simultaneously complement the tile as well as match the stains and finishes of the rest of the space.

5th Avenue Turquoise Subway Tile With Schluter Jolly
The Schluter profiles give the tile a sleek, clean look.

Schluter makes a variety of trim profiles that can be used anywhere from walls to floors to countertops. They also make corner pieces, movement joints, etc., to provide style and durability to any project. These profiles come in a variety of shapes and finishes, so no matter what your project, you can find a profile that will match your space and style!

5th Avenue Turquoise Subway Tile With Schluter Silver Rondec
Silver Rondec with Turquoise 5th Avenue subway tile

Rondec is a very popular shape of Schluter profiles. Its curved edge gives a beautiful transition from the tile to the underlying wall.

5th Avenue Turquoise Subway Tile With Schluter Black Rondec
Black Rondec with Turquoise 5th Avenue subway tile

Here you can see how using a black Rondec creates a totally different look. Like all Schluter profiles, Rondec comes in a variety of colors and finishes. You can use these various colors to express your style or to unify a space by matching your existing decor. For example, you can use a stainless steel finish to match your stainless steel appliances in a kitchen.

Popular Schluter Rondec Colors
A few popular colors and finishes of Schluter Rondec

One of the most popular uses for Schluter trim profiles is to finish off subway glass installations. To see how some of the different Schluter trim profiles look on subway tile, click through the slideshow below to see it with Storka Urban Hues glass subway tile.

Schluter Rondec with Urban Hues Glass Subway Tile
Tile: Schluter Rondec with SlimGlass Subway Tile.

Schluter trim profiles also look great with porcelain subway tile. Click through the gallery below to see how some of the profiles look with Storka 5th Avenue subway tile.

Schluter Jolly with 5th Avenue Black Subway Tile
Tile: Schluter Jolly with 5th Avenue Black Subway Tile.

Of course these are just some of the numerous Schluter trim profiles available. Schluter trim profiles go with just about everything on our Subway Tile Theme Page. You can check out more options on our website, or to speak with an expert about the right Schluter trim profile for your project, contact one of our associates!

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