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Travertine tile is a classic way to finish off a design

Travertino Travertine tile

Travertine tile for a classic and timeless look

Sometimes when you are working on a project you want that classic and timeless look. A travertine type tyle is always a great option to consider. Our Travertino collection gives designers several options as it is available in four different colors. The colors range from a subtle pattern like the Sedona up to the Umber travertine, which has a lot more contrast and grey tones.

Where to use Travertine

Travertine is an excellent option to consider for healthcare and hospitality projects.  While this is where we have seen most interior designers use travertine tile, it can also work well in other projects.


Travertino is a rectified, color body porcelain tile making it very durable and have a very narrow grout joint. Our Travertino travertine tiles are made right here in the United States. This allows it to be stocked very well as well as cost-effective.

How to obtain Travertino

If travertine would be a good fit for one of your projects you are working on, feel free to give us a call or email us and we will be happy to get some samples out to you and help make design and completing your project easier.
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