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Mid-Century Bathroom Remodel

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Daria loves mid-century design. It serves as the style aesthetic of the rest of her home, but there was one room that was not falling in line with the rest: the bathroom. The dated pink tile and brass shower trim needed a serious update to fit with the rest of Daria’s home and to meet the needs of her young family. After a design-and-sourcing process that took about seven months, work on the renovation got under way.

First, the room was completely demolished, and the tub, vanity and old floors removed. Daria chose 5th Avenue Grey Glossy Subway Tile for the entire back wall of the space, but she asked her crew to install it in a grid instead of the traditional offset pattern. When paired with a white grout, the tile wall presents a gleaming backdrop for both the shower stall and the wall space behind the commode.
The new shower enclosure is frameless, so there is nothing but clear, transparent glass to interrupt the geometric lines of the tile wall. Daria chose a wood grain vanity with angular drawer pulls in keeping with the mid-century modern style she loves. She also received help from Miano Design Co. of Denver, Colo., for the concrete sink and countertop she considers the centerpiece of the room.
The naturalistic feel is continued in the custom floating shelves that were installed on the wall above the toilet. The shelves offer functional storage space and an opportunity to add décor in her theme.

Daria advises anyone planning a DIY project or any renovation involving tile; “Laying tile is an art. There are no shortcuts when you want it to come out correctly,” she says. “Make sure your tile workers are highly skilled in all aspects of tiling/cutting/grouting and that they have an eye for design and aesthetics.”


Project Information

Project Type: Renovation
Time Frame: Three weeks
Project Size: 90 SF
Room: Bathroom

Product Information

Subway Tile – 5th Avenue 3″ x 6″ – Grey Glossy

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