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Elegant Kitchen Refresh

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The Ambiance stone and glass mosaic was the perfect backsplash choice for South Cypress CEO Drew Goneke, who wanted to make a statement in his newly updated kitchen.

Drew hoped to carry his contemporary Southern style into the space and chose the Ambiance iris tile as a modern complement to the white marble countertops and neutral cabinets.

This striking stone and glass backsplash series is created with water jet technology for precise detail.

The video below shows the unique process of cutting materials via water jet. Essentially, a cutter shoots out a high-pressure beam of water that cuts through the tile without interfering with its inherent structure. The result is a gorgeously detailed pattern unlike any other.

Water Jet Technology >
The ivory and gray hues from the tile add elegant dimension to the room while the unique pattern offers a modern flare. The Goneke’s kitchen is the perfect example that, whether it’s one wall or an entire kitchen, the right backsplash makes an impact.

The new Ambiance mosaic line is available in 6 stunning patterns, each crafted to be the focal point of your kitchen!


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