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Designer Jessica Neave talks about design and working with South Cypress

Jessica Neeve Picture

We love working with Jessica Neave from Design South. Since founding Design South in 2008, Jessica Neave has collaborated with architects, developers, and homeowners to create intriguing spaces that reflect her unique vision. Drawing from a background in art and design, Jessica blends minimal, traditional, and modern elements resulting in a style that is both timeless and unexpected. Inspiration comes from simple finds – using art, antiques, and the surrounding environment as the foundation of her interiors. 

You can find Design South’s work in retail boutiques, clubhouses, and private residences throughout the South East and beyond. Jessica is originally from Clanton, Alabama and received her B.A. in Interior Design from Auburn University in 2002. After working with respected firms in both Birmingham and Atlanta, Design South was created and currently operates from Atlanta, Georgia.

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