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Bright Turquoise Bathroom

turquoise bathroom

When Susan needed more space in her home, so she went the route many homeowners do; She invested in an addition to her house. It was no small undertaking. The construction, which was handled by professional contractors, took place over a period of six months.

Bright Turquoise Bathroom
Susan is thrilled with the results no matter how long it took to achieve her design vision. The bathroom that was created during the project makes use of Subway TileHexagon Mosaics, and Wood Look Tile on the floors and on the walls.

Bright Turquoise Bathroom
The bathroom includes a double vanity, shower “room,” bathtub and commode, all in a space that features interesting ceiling angles and a unique bathing area. The shower stall is located on one end of a long, narrow space punctuated in the middle with a window that streams in bright sunlight. The subway tiles in much of the shower space are a Turquoise color, though the stall itself also includes White Subway tiles.

Bright Turquoise Bathroom
The long floor in the showering compartment is covered in a Hexagon Mosaic tile that is reminiscent of vintage floors. The white grout on the mosaic makes the shape pop off the floor. In the rest of the bathroom, a wood look porcelain tile is laid with the length of the room, leading you into the shower.

Bright Turquoise Bathroom
Throughout the room, the eye is drawn to the many bright spots of color the Susan included in the décor. Vivid orange towels hang from the walls, and beachy blue accents such as plant containers also sprinkle the room.

Bright Turquoise Bathroom
Susan has added several living plants to the space, giving it a naturalistic and slightly tropical feel. A few wooden pieces add to this ambiance and finish off her retreat!

Bright Turquoise Bathroom
If you are looking to create your own retreat, to get you on your way, you can start your search with our theme pages: Tan Wood Look TileSubway TileBathroom Designs.


Project Information

Project Type: Addition
Time Frame: Six Months
Room: Bathroom

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