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Beautiful Massachusetts Backsplash Update

South Cypress

After moving into a new house and replacing the floors, Daria and Gabe decided it was finally time to tackle a new backsplash. While the kitchen was in great shape, the old backsplash with cornucopias and fruit basket inserts just weren’t creating the vibe Daria was going for.

Beautiful Massachusetts Backsplash Update
Cornucopias and Fruit Baskets
Beautiful Massachusetts Backsplash Update
Kitchen Before

Daria says the backsplash renovation, while challenging, was a great way to spend time as a family. They learned a lot along the way while completing this “labor of love”. While Daria and Gabe had never installed anything like a backsplash before, they were able to learn a lot from watching YouTube videos and getting much advice from South Cypress.

Beautiful Massachusetts Backsplash Update
All Hands on Deck!
Beautiful Massachusetts Backsplash Update
Old Tile Removal and Area Prepped

One thing Daria suggests when installing a backsplash is to make a test board with backsplash samples, thinset, and grout. Not only do you get to practice the install on a smaller scale, but also ensure that the final result is what you are going for.

Beautiful Massachusetts Backsplash Update

Never Discard Scrap Pieces!

One tricky issue Daria and Gabe came across was finishing the edges around the window. Being somewhat OCD, Daria says she had to find just the right pieces to fill in these gaps. This is one reason you want to wait until the project is done to throw out scrap pieces.

Beautiful Massachusetts Backsplash Update
Never Discard Scrap Pieces!

Anatolia Fossil Rock Random Mosaic

The final result is absolutely stunning. Daria chose this backsplash to help enhance the relationship between indoors and out around their home. She says, “We chose Anatolia’s Fossil Rock Random Mosaic because the stone and slate pieces mirror not just the natural landscape, but also the stonework on the outside of the home. The glass pieces sparkle in the sunlight and tie into the existing black granite counters. The stainless steel bars tie into the home’s modern aesthetic.”

Beautiful Massachusetts Backsplash Update
The completed backsplash ties in perfectly to the rest of the kitchen.

Daria learned some tips to share with those tackling their own backsplash projects:

  • If you are using natural stone in your project be sure to use masking tape when you are grouting. It makes for an easier cleanup.
  • Always use a wet saw. Its so much easier than trying to get a clean edge with tile clippers.
  • Practice grouting on a test board.
  • Be patient and have fun.
Beautiful Massachusetts Backsplash Update
Sealers Choice Gold

Always properly seal your backsplash to protect your investment. Without proper sealing, grout and natural stones will get stained and it will be difficult to clean.

Beautiful Massachusetts Backsplash Update

Schluter Profiles

Using Schluter Profiles is a great way to get a sharp finished look on the end of any tiling project.

Beautiful Massachusetts Backsplash Update

Project Complete

Not only will the Mianos enjoy their new kitchen for many years to come, but they can take pride in knowing they learned a new skill and were able to complete the project as a family.

Project Information

Project Type: Renovation
Time Frame: About 3 Weeks
Project Size: 58 SF (Backsplash)
Room: Kitchen

Product Information

Backsplash – Bliss Stainless – Fossil Rock Random Mosaic
Paint – Benjamin Moore in Decorator’s White
Trim – Schluter Profiles
Grout – Bostik “Myst”
Thinset – Bostik

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  • Bliss Stainless – Fossil Rock Random MosaicBliss Stainless – Fossil Rock
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