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All I Want For Christmas Are New Hardwood Floors

Interior photography of a home in Bentonville, Ark.

Photo by Beth Hall
 It’s amazing how flooring can completely transform a space. Whether you’re striving for modern, classic, rustic or industrial, our Wentworth oil-rubbed French Oak line has the right hardwood for your vision.

In Leah Bates Arkansas home, she wanted hardwoods to match her bright and airy office space that could be carried throughout the house. She loved the vintage feel of Wentworth Courtyard and felt it went well with her white and gray color scheme.

The natural oils of this hardwood penetrate through the wood pores to enhance the patina and create a long lasting finish. This was definitely something South Cypress CEO, Drew Goneke considered when selecting the right floors for his kitchen. He knew he wanted something that would complement his contemporary Southern style and elegant new backsplash.


Wentworth’s antiquing and reclaimed look appealed to one Birmingham homeowner who wanted something traditional that could also pair with her eclectic style. One of her favorite details of the wood is how each plank has a different look, offering warmth to her space.


The best part about oil-rubbed hardwood? It preserves the natural beauty of the wood while still offering resistance to wear and tear. That was one of the reasons the Grand Bohemian hotel in Mountain Brook decided Wentworth was the perfect choice for their Poseidon Spa. They needed something to work in a colorful, funky atmosphere but sophisticated enough to complement the art collection.


Flooring makes an impression and is one of the first things guests notice when they enter a space. Wentworth’s ability to blend with its surroundings while still offering charming detail is what we love most about it. It doesn’t matter what environment you put it in, one of its 5 distinct styles is sure to fit perfectly.

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