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5 Ways Subway Tile Can Transform Your Space

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The possibilities for installing subway tile are virtually endless because of the diverse selection of products and the new design trends that are emerging every day. Here are five ways to use subway tile to accentuate your home.

Classic Wall Treatments

The most popular way to use subway tile is for a traditional wall treatment. For an authentic New York look, stick with white, standard sized tiles and slim grout lines. This simple design is timeless and creates a uniform finish that requires little maintenance.


Manhattan 4×16 Snow White Glossy
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Attractive Accents

Whether you are remodeling your bathroom or your kitchen, bright accent tiles draw attention to your existing decor and can provide a great pop. For a more cohesive design, choose an accent color that complements the lighting, furniture, or finishes in the room.


Manhattan 4×16 Turquoise
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Modern Designs

Another emerging trend is using unique sized subway tiles. This modernized concept provides additional visual interest and can increase the artistic flair to the room.


Manhattan 2×10 Smokey Taupe
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Mesmerizing Patterns

With the variety of subway tiles, it is possible to mix and match different colors, finishes, and textures. This is easiest to do this within the same series but also possible with different tiles, as long as you pay close attention to the thickness of each tile.


Stillwater Pacific Blend Mosaic
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Commercial Cleanliness

For those who are planning to undertake a commercial project, an oversized style tile is is a great option. Larger subway tiles can give the impression of more space and they also maintain a professional atmosphere.


Overton 3×12 Bristol
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In the end, South Cypress has everything you need to keep up with recent trends. For more information about our subway tiles, view our Subway Tile page, call 1-800-891-2634, or visit our showroom. Our team of consultants can provide detailed information to help you choose a product that is perfect for your project!


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